The Dos and Don’ts of Website Design: A 2023 Guide

Dos and Donts of Website Design

In 2023, web design will continue to evolve rapidly, and businesses must keep up with the latest trends to stay ahead of the competition. A well-designed website can attract customers, drive sales, and enhance your brand’s reputation, while a poorly designed website can drive customers away and harm your business’s image. So, knowing the dos and don’ts of website design is crucial.

Designing a website can feel intimidating when you are unfamiliar with the process. Moreover, creating a website is challenging because there are many things to consider. For getting the best results, outsourcing the job to a top web design and development company in Dublin is probably the best option. Moreover, we’ll go over some of the essential dos and don’ts of web design in this blog post to help you follow best practices.

Dos for the Best Web Design

Focus on Web User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX)

For an efficient website design, your interface is quite important. A pleasing user interface can attract active visitors and web traffic. Along with great design, a user interface must have interesting and captivating content.

Your users must have a consistent experience across all devices, regardless of how they view it, which is a key component of the UI/UX. The goal should be to create a style that works for all devices and is similar and consistent for the best web design for online businesses.


Make Scanning Easy and Simple

When consumers visit your website, they are more likely to scan the content first than read it all. As a result, if a visitor needs to locate something specific, they will scan the page until they discover it. And as an expert web designer, you must assist them by creating an effective visual hierarchy.

You must arrange or display the elements to suggest importance (e.g., where the eyes should focus first, second, etc.). You must ensure your users can readily find what they seek.


Use Engaging Content

Content is the lifeline of any web design strategy. Content can be detrimental to website design if your material is not given priority. Even if your web design has excellent UX, you are less likely to persuade a customer to click on a CTA if the copy is subpar or does not adequately complement or follow the UX journey.

Remember, less is more when it comes to website content because, unless necessary, users refrain from reading very long, jargon-filled content. Instead, write short, informative, and compelling content seamlessly integrated into the website design, not added in varied lengths as an afterthought.


Use a Different Colour for Visited Links

Links are essential for smooth website navigation. Users may get confused and repeatedly visit the same pages if visited links are not differentiated with a different colour. In addition, knowing your past and current web searches helps you make better decisions about your next steps. Therefore, choose colours that are subtle to the eye and distinct from your navigational alternatives.

Don'ts for the Best Web Design

Don’t Make Your Users Wait in Any Way

Most users don’t wait more than five seconds for a website to load. Therefore, you must take steps to speed up webpage loading if it takes too long. Users are more likely to exit your website and go to another one the longer it takes to load. You can reduce loading time by streamlining your code and minimising redirection.


Don’t Use Several Fonts and Colours

Although vital, your website design should always support, not contradict, your website’s objectives. For example, if you use too many colours and fonts, your website will be difficult to look at and browse. On the other hand, your website’s navigation and CTAs should be simple for visitors to follow without jumping through any hurdles.

Stick with the typeface and colour palette you’ve chosen. Use your brand guidelines in your web design, social media posts, brochures, email marketing, and anywhere else your brand is visible to increase recognition. Choose the best website design services agency in Maynooth for professional and authentic web design.


Don’t Block the Screen or Content

It’s unbelievable how many website designers prevent visitors from viewing the information on a website. The content is often blocked by pop-ups or invitations to subscribe to newsletters. When buyers haven’t seen your products, how can they decide whether they want to sign up for your newsletter? Allow the user to browse your website before popping up a newsletter subscription option. Also, don’t use an unnecessarily large, site-blocking pop-up for cookie notice.


Don’t Overuse Pop-ups

Pop-up ads for your website can be an effective marketing strategy. Pop-ups can assist in engaging your audience, but if you use them excessively, they may become intrusive or annoying.

Ask for very little information at first. The easier it is for visitors to sign up for your newsletter, the more likely they will do so. Reduce the frequency and number of pop-ups on your website as well. Be cautious about where and when you deploy pop-ups to make them less annoying.

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