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We are a reputable brand in mobile app development in the UK. We use our enthusiasm and experience to create mobile applications for businesses to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Our app developers and specialists deliver on-time solutions that are dependable, scalable and secure.

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Custom App

Custom App Development

We develop mobile applications that benefit organisations by enhancing engagement and operational effectiveness. Hire Srvatech’s certified mobile app developers, who excel in providing top-notch services for developing apps for Android, iOS, and other platforms.

We make the effort to learn about your audience and their mobile behaviours so that we can develop an app that is personalised to them. If you already have app, we can use UX research and testing to detect any possible pain spots and new solutions to fulfill your users’ demands and improve their experience.

UX Research

We place a high value on UX research and great design. When we design an app for your brand, we get it right the first time. Our development team goes through a rigorous procedure to ensure that the project is user-friendly and meets Apple’s or Google’s app development guidelines.

UX Research
App Maintenance

App Maintenance

Technology is always evolving and transforming at a rapid pace. Millions of applications are never changed or updated again once they are released, but changes to your bespoke app are inescapable and critical to the company’s success.

Choose a mobile app development company that discusses a mobile app maintenance plan once the app is launched. Our development team is available for post-launch assistance and can assist with any modifications or upgrades you may require as your brand and consumers evolve.

Questions we get often


The development of mobile apps entails the design of software programmes that operate on various sorts of mobile devices. To create a mobile app, you should work with a company that has expertise with all sorts of mobile apps and uses a proven development strategy.

To support the app, mobile app developers produce a thorough development strategy, design a user-friendly interface, build all necessary installable software packages, and implement relevant backend infrastructure. Throughout the development process, the software is carefully tested.

Apps for Android and iOS phones and tablets can be developed. Apps can be targeted for usage by consumers, workers, and vendors.

Srvatech develops apps for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Companies may have previously opted to design apps that only supported a single platform. Because both the Android and iOS platforms have a sizable market share nowadays, most businesses opt to design apps that run on both platforms.

There is a significant difference between cross-platform and native app development.
Native app development involves creating distinct apps for the Android and iOS platforms.
A single programme may be developed for both platforms using cross-platform development.

Native app development makes use of the Android and iOS programming languages and IDEs.
For Android apps, this is commonly done with Java/Kotlin and Android Studio.
For iOS apps, this entails using Objective C or Swift using Xcode.

The developers at Srvatech are accustomed to collaborating with organisations whose app concepts are in various stages of development. We collaborate with you to turn your ideas into fully working mobile apps.

Yes, we will sign NDAs while working on your mobile app. You can count on us to keep your progress confidential and away from rivals’ prying eyes.

For all of the apps we create, Srvatech utilises an experienced in-house testing team. This group collaborates with app developers to test apps at various stages of development.

Of course, you may enhance our in-house testing with your own. You may be aware of additional ways in which users may engage with the app, allowing you to create more rigorous testing scenarios.

Yes, Srvatech can create apps that use Application Programming Interface (API) to connect to your existing systems or data stores. APIs established on any platform may be used in App to connect to your datastore and read/write data.

Our development team can work with you to construct the app if you have a web designer and ready-made visuals. The Srvatech team will be pleased to assist you with visualising and turning your ideals into digital reality if you only have an idea or concept.

Because the App is your idea, concept, and business, Srvatech team will just give guidance and assistance in constructing the App for your users.

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